About Chris Cmrlec

About Me:
I have worked in numerous gyms and studios, Fitness First and YMCA to name a couple, and have trained, guided, and transformed in the vicinity of 500 people.

Every year I have put time into learning more and immersing myself into health, fitness, training, and the science and evidence behind it all. I have learnt directly and indirectly from people like Mark Ottobre, Charles Poloquin, Eugene Teo, Tyler Tolman, Ben Pakulski, and many others.

Health, sport, and fitness are things I have been very passionate about my whole life. I started eating healthy and cut out all the junk from the age of 12, it was a personal decision,  nobody had to tell me to do it, and I have loved eating well ever since. This is a massive part of who I am now, respecting my body, my health, the fuel that I consume, the nutrition I get from it, the impact it has on me, on others, and on the environment and earth.

I started lifting weights seriously when I first started my fitness course in 2011, and have been training consistently ever since. I have fallen in love with strength training and the many benefits it brings. I am addicted to progress and seeing people get better every week, whether it is their body fat dropping or shape improving, or they are improving their eating habits and feeling more energy, this is what this lifestyle is all about for me and my clients.

The number one thing I pride myself on, is giving every client I work with the attitude, education, and mindset to be able to maintain strong and consistent health and training habits for the rest of their lives. I can help you get quick results, but my major focus is on creating long term change in you, so all your hard work doesn’t go to waste, and you can look and feel your best forever, and always enjoy the process.

I do not believe in diets, I do not believe you should be carrying around a calculator just to track what’s in the food you’re eating, I do not believe in a short term transformation; what I do believe in however, is long-term change, that is created through building strong and positive habits that will serve your health and your mind for the rest of your life.

Training hard to gain muscle and strength is not a thing you do to impress someone, or for your own ego, or because others are doing it… it is not something you just do it when you feel like it, it is a discipline and an effort that you commit to because you genuinely love training hard, the muscle pain, the obstacles, the difficulty, the small incremental progress in muscle gains, in strength, to be the strongest you can possibly be, today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life.

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Copyright 2019 | ABN 64 471 225 879