Testimonials received by happy clients 🙂

I have worked with Chris for 5 months now. He is skilled, knowledgable, personable and has helped me achieve my goals far. Through consistent and positive feedback and encouragement, he retrained my attitude while I retrained my body. He knows just how and when to encourage and when to push. Highest recommendation.

Ross McClunie

I have known Chris Cmrlec for a few years now and Chris is the type of guy that always has an answer for you if you’re looking for guidance. With his well established experience in health and fitness, Chris has been able to assist me in elevating my health and fitness as I trained for performance as an aspiring athlete and even pre army/special forces entry.

Sean Stagar

I can honestly say Chris is a rockstar trainer. Prior to training with Chris I had no idea how to navigate my way around the gym to get the results I desired. Chris’s holistic and passionate approach to health and wellness resulted in me significantly transforming my diet and training regime. I went from hardly knowing how to deadlift at all to lifting 110-140kg consistently with great form. I highly recommend training with Chris if you are after sustainable and awesome results.

Alex Maruneac

To put it simply, I couldn’t have done it without Chris. I’m a guy who likes to get every detail right and he is always available to answer my 100+ questions a day. I based my diet and training off his knowledge and 8 weeks later I didn’t only look better but felt more energised, focused and alert. His guidance not only helped me physically but also mentally and I believe that mentality is where everything starts. Still go to him for guidance to this very day and will continue to do so for a long time!

Travis Walker

I approached Chris because I was looking to implement a system when working such a busy schedule. Chris helped me implement a sustainable system for exercise and taught me the fundamentals to a healthy way of eating, not a diet.

The result was getting lean, hitting pb’s every week, perfecting lifting techniques and achieving unbelievable strength in such a small time. One thing I liked was Chris’s passion to help others. He genuinely wants you to he your best self.

I found his experience within the industry very comforting. I had full trust in him and trusted his every word. He is a professional and his training is real. I would recommend Chris to all types of people. The unfit, extremely fit and to the average Joe looking to see results. I vouch for him. Thank Chris.

Halil Gur
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Copyright 2019 | ABN 64 471 225 879