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Revolutionize Strength – Strength Blog 1: Consistency

There is nothing more important you can possibly learn and implement than building consistency. Your eating, your training, your supplementing – all your effort, all your work, all your preparation, all your lifting, all your soreness, it will all be in vein if you cannot do it consistently every day, every week, all year around, for the rest of your life – that is a guarantee.

The best investment you will ever make is in yourself, and once you have invested in yourself, make sure that investment is consistent. It will never serve you to just commit to an eating plan for 8 weeks, or 12 weeks, or to train super hard for the next 6 months then stop; this will not create the habits, mindset, and changes required for what it truly takes to ‘make it’ long term.

What we want to do is develop daily positive habits and actions that we can build on day by day, week by week, year by year, for the rest of our lives. So with that being said, always focus on consistency, and not being an ‘all or nothing’ person, but rather, becoming a person who rain, hail, or shine, always shows up and puts in the work.

Even on your worst week, when you’re feeling the laziest, you’re run-down, de-motivated, work hasn’t gone well, weather is bad etc. etc., you still rock up to the gym, and focus for just that 60 minutes to dominate your workout and get you that one step closer to your goals. There is no such thing as ‘time off’ or ‘getting back into it’, you simply live the lifestyle or you don’t.

Taking this ‘consistency’ approach rather than an ‘all or nothing’ short-term approach, will build you the strongest body, health, immunity, and mindset. You will have less stress, more positive moods, and enjoy the process a lot more. Eating healthy delicious food that gets you towards your goals is a daily ritual that you love, and training hard and smart is also.

This all comes down to the Compound Effect. If every day, you are taking small positive steps with your eating and training towards your goals, all these habits and actions will have a ‘compounding effect’ and will ‘add up’ to the long-term outcome you are after. Trust in this principle, it is the single most important foundation you need to have success in the gym and with your health and mind.

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